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  • Kirk Agcaoili

Kumu Pop Kulture Expo: How was it?

The kumu Tekken Challenge, one of the events at the kumu Pop Kulture Expo

The kumu Pop Kulture Expo last June 25-26 was a resounding success, mixing in their streaming platform while still paying respect to the excitement of onsite events. The Expo was definitely a love letter to nerd culture and they definitely did it right.

The Pop Kulture Expo had two onsite events, the kumu Tekken Challenge and the kumu Cosplay Meet & Greet, all while being streamed on the kumu app. These two onsite events thrived in personal interaction, and kumu made sure that they captured the essence of these two communities.

The kumu Tekken Challenge revitalized the Tekken scene, bringing together professional players, casual players, children, and all walks of life that enjoyed the fighting game into one tournament, and this is the first Road to Rev event for the Tekken World Tour 2022, setting the tone for the future World Tour events.

Of course, the Cosplay Meet & Greet would also show success, with popular cosplay influencers being present and having a ton of activities, both offline and online. With activities like the Anotoys Unboxing, Cosplay Party, Cosplay Akyatan, and of course the meet & greet.

kumu's Cosplay Meet & Greet

But it doesn’t end there. They also featured multiple streamers on the platform for multiple genres. Representing all forms of pop culture with anime, gaming, toys, art, and comics.

Overall, it was definitely a welcome change to the world of nerd culture and it would be great to see more events like this in the future.

Be sure to support our friends over at kumu on the kumu app and be in the loop for all their content and events!

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