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A Kumu Night with Pennywises, Gojo Satoru, and Chainsaw Man

After a grueling Tekken tournament on the previous day, kumu proceeded with another day filled with pop culture happenings aiming to connect their viewers and make Kumu their digital hang out place.

The Pandemic hit the events scene really hard this past couple of years. Only with the innovation of technology has the events scene transitioned into the digital space, ushering in the age of digital event community interaction. As the on-site events are slowly coming back, Kumu took the liberty of delivering the best of both worlds to their loyal viewers: a meet-and-greet with cosplay transformation couple Prince and Awie de Guzman, famous for their Pennywise cosplays, together with Zackt and Roxanne Kho. While the lucky winners of the meet-and-greet were able to spend their time with the cosplay power couples at M Studio, Magallanes, the kumunity was also enjoying online via the Kumu app.

Quoting Prince on his experience, “It’s been so long!" *insert maniacal killer clown laugh*

This weekend was indeed well spent thanks to the Kumu team for this new event! We can’t wait to see more in the future!

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