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  • Kirk Agcaoili

Kumu Tekken Challenge: Offline Tekken Making A Comeback?

Photo via Bandai Namco

It’s been roughly two years since we’ve seen competitive Tekken make an appearance in a large platform, and it’s no secret that the COVID-19 pandemic hurt the fighting game community the most among its esports peers. Thankfully, we are slowly returning back to normal, and normal means more offline Tekken, and honestly, offline Tekken is where the game truly shines.

Tekken in the Philippines is looking to make a big comeback with offline events left and right; eventually leading to the tried-and-tested Rev Major. One of those events will be the kumu Tekken Challenge, and it’s quite poetic that it will take place in one of the most dedicated and popular playspots in the Fighting Game Community– Playbook Makati.

Officially branded as a Road To Rev event, as well as a Tekken World Tour 2022 Dojo, this makes all participants compete for a chance to earn points in the global ranking at the competitive Tekken scene, as well as a possible ticket to the next big Tekken superstar.

Not only that, the kumu Tekken Challenge will be streamed on the popular streaming platform kumu. Kumu has had a history of being a successful platform for esports and other events such as rap battles featuring popular “FlipTop” rappers.

The kumu Tekken Challenge is a breath of fresh air and will inject energy back into the community.

The upcoming tournament will be held on June 25, catch it live in Playbook Makati and watch the livestream on the kumu app!

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